Sunday, December 25, 2005

Honeycrisp Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS... From everyone at from our family to yours the best of wishes this Holiday Season. Add a little Honeycrisp to the stuffing for a crisp Turkey. So what does the Honeycrisp Cruncher do Christmas Morning? Well watch the birds at the bird feeder over a cup of coffee. Then wait for our daughter and her husband to arrive and open gifts of course. We do know that a bunch of people all across the U.S. are enjoying Explosively Crisp Honeycrisp this Holiday. Friends and Family were very nice to a lot of people sending them Honeycrisp for the Holiday. Thank you for all the kind words from those people that have called us and emailed us about how they enjoyed their Honeycrisp and other apples. Feel free to go to the website and leave a message in our Guest Book. Again have a SAFE wonderful Holiday. No matter your faith take a moment to say a prayer for our Military people around the world and in harms way. Take another minute and say one for their family too.

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Anonymous said...

what are the white spots on a red delicious apple mean or on any apple .