Saturday, September 09, 2006

Honeycrisp Apple Season 2006 (McIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Gala, Northern Spy too)

The Honeycrisp apple 2006-2007 apple season is starting. We made it till June with Honeycrisp last year and we hope to go that long again this year. The apple crop is looking to be a good one. Help us in your thoughts and prayers no big storms with wind in late September through October.

Last year we added Chocolate covered Honeycrisp which was a huge hit. Also, added were more apple varieties at the request of you the customer. "Fruit for Months" was a great addition which many customers took advantage of securing their Honeycrisp well into the spring. With this program feel free to drop us a note either to delay shipment of your next box or "We're running out send us another on Monday". If you have a problem or a need email us or give us a call and we will do what we can to help.

We are now looking at other specialty items of high quality as an addition to the business we have built with Honeycrisp. Sign up for our newsletter and get updates when the new crop is ready or additional products we have added to the site.We have pre-ordering of Explosively Crisp Honeycrisp and McIntosh apple gift boxes. Shipping of Honeycrisp will start the last week of September. Other items such as Macoun apples and Cortland apples we will put online for pre-orders approximately two weeks before they are picked.

Just a suggestion that you take advantage of our "Fruit For Months" if you’re hooked on Honeycrisp. This next year continue to look for more products to include our all new Explosively Crisp CandyCrisp.

As the owner of our apple websites I can not say enough that the experience with our customers has been one we are thankful for. You should know that when we receive your emails and calls we pass that information on to our people.

The last few years as we have built this business I have had an opportunity to talk to many customers, and it has been a Joy. As always give us a call and you will talk to someone here or maybe our voice mail but you will be talking to someone in the United States of America.Thanks again as we appreciate your business.

Please note that since we ship from Upstate New York if you’re close to us you need not choose faster shipping. Along with that a note that if the weather is sub zero and we feel we may freeze your apples we will delay shipment.

As always we strive to give you the best apples with the best service. If you have any feed back please email us and let us know what you think. This might be about the site, shipping, packaging or just to say hi.

From all of us here at EC Marketing USA, Inc. and our growers we say thank you and keep on CRUNCHEN!

Paul Woolley
Chief Honeycrisp Cruncher

P.S. Take a moment as I am now to say thank you to all our Men and Woman in Uniform serving our Country. It is their dedication and sacrifice that keeps us safe and free everyday!

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