Saturday, September 09, 2006

Honeycrisp Apples. Macoun apples, Northern Spy & CandyCrisp

Honeycrisp apples are being pre-ordered now for shipment the last week in September. For all the those people suffering from Honeycrisp apple withdrawal its ok you will get your fix in just two more weeks. Paula Red apples are shipping now and this week we will ship some of the all new Zestar, another great MN variety.

McIntosh we will start shipping later next week for all the McIntosh apple fans. Yes that is all of you northerners that now live in Sunny Florida.

Macoun apples. Or Macooon apples if you are Martha Stewart or even from the same State as Martha. That is her State of residence not her temporary residence that had the large fence and gates with guards. Or the next state up and 1/2 way up the next one. That would be New Hampshire. But the people in CT, MA and NH can probably get Macoun apples at the local grocery store. Yes it is only those of you that have moved to places like California and Arizona that have to order from people like us to eat apples that taste as good as when you were a kid. For those of you that have to know Macoun will be about October 5th give or take a few days or a large wind storm.

Northern Spy. Yes they do make a great pie. Yes we do feel bad that your Grand Mother can't find them so it makes her cry. Slip her a few Honeycrisp apples in her Christmas Stocking and she will now truly believe in Santa Clause. Well not to worry we will have Northern Spy around the 2nd of November just in time to make the pie. Oh and CandyCrisp apple, the all new sweet, and I do mean sweet, apple will be ready around the same time. Keeps a nice firm texture when cooking and I believe they make a great pie.

I can't resist to mention again Honeycrisp apples. One by one you each convert. It is normal to feel all the feeling you feel when suffering from Honeycrisp withdrawl. Please continue to share your stories about Honeycrisp and your friends stories about Honeycrisp. If you would like we will even post them on the blog. If you leave me a voice mail on my cell of you Crunching into a Honeycrisp apple you will not be the first. (you know who you are..a certain Doctor from WI).

As always enjoy your apples. If you neighbors apple tree hangs over the property line enjoy his apples. I don't know if an apple a day really keeps the Doctor away but I do know it keeps farmers in business. It also keeps all the people that supply the farmer with products in business. So when you eat an apple tell the tractor salesman to thank you.

Keep the Faith.
Paul Woolley
Honeycrisp Cruncher.

Oh I almost forgot. Thank a soldier. Also being from New York our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the State Trooper who was slain in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his partners family that their loved one will recover fully and quickly.

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