Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp apples are now being picked and are ready for Shipment.
McIntosh apples, Paulared apples and Gala apples are also ready. So for those of you suffering from the lack of Honeycrisp today is a great day. Cortland apples and then Macoun apples are right around the corner. Remember Honeycrisp apples will still be great and crunchy in February and March. So if McIntosh or Macoun is one of your favorites you can always get them early and then order Honeycrisp apples later. You can order as early as you like for the Holiday season so book mark our site. Our early Fuji will be ready by the first week in October and Northern Spy will be ready the 1st of November.

2 comments: said...

dear Honey Crispers, I am the president, CEO, CFO of Honey Crispes International. OK, so NOT REALLY...nice thought though aye?

Two years ago I stumbled across shrink wrap Honey Crisp 6- Packs at a Sam's Club. So I bought a pack. What do you think happened? We ate them all in ONE DAY.

So, the next day I went back to Sam's Club and bought another 6-Pack. Who was I fooling? I got to the car turned right back around and went inside and bought another 6-Pack.

There's nothing more I rather dislike than going to Sam's Clubs (and just about any other store packed with people and parking lots whose customers don't return carts to the cart corral. That week alone I went to Sam's Club 4 times to buy Honey Crisp Apples.

Anyway, Fall 2005 rolls around.
I run to Sam's Club and there are no apples. I ask about them. There will be 'NO Honey Crisp Apples' I'm told. Dejected I went home steadfastly refusing to put any other brand of apple in my life.

An idea popped around Christmas of 2005 - - ORDER THEM ONLINE. No luck. They were all gone.

So, Fall 2006 is here, and you can bet your sweet apple I just ordered a 40lb box of Fancy Honey Crisp.

Now, what am I going to do with 120 or so Honey Crisp apples? Imagine if you will...the evil laugh of cartoon villian's here!! "EEHHH-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa"

Don't worry -- I will put them to good use!! I've never been an apple fan - - we always got the waxy, pithy, mushy kind it seems growing up and at school. Every now and then someone would goof up and get good ones -- but among the most disappointing moments in life - - minus being at the dentist and realizing too late your novacaine has worn off too soon -- (another story)

Among life's most face making moments of disapointment is biting into an apple expecting great things and getting a mouth full of mush.

Around our house when we buy apples it's like the old Life cereal commercial. "I'm not gonna try it, YOU try it." Until a family member declares an apple a good one -- I won't bite.

We also linger a little longer around apple displays at super markets and when we see a customer avidly loading up a bag - - we ask if they've tried that apple before hoping to get a good review.

Yes, I know lurking around apple displays and forcing my husband to be the "mikey" test taster of apples is likely not the ideal life to lead -- but hey!!

"Good apples are worth the wait" and I personally can't wait for a Honey Crisp Apple commercial where the entire commercial is nothing but Various tones of crunching by a huge cross section of wonderfully happy people, smiling and laughing. Old, young, every nationality, pretty, ugly, even a horse or two maybe. And at the end of the commercial -- a single float line tag reading either "What's in Your Apple?" (kind of silly I know) or "Taste wjat you've been missing". The background music would have to be really special (banjo/violin/dulcimer)-- anyway -- wish I was an exec with a big firm and had your account!! Your invoice would say: Will Work for Apples!!! naturally.


Lori Brooks
Somewhere in Texas

Apple Man said...

Well Ms. Apple CEO. CHC (Chief Honeycrisp Cruncher) is already taken me. I always liked the idea of taking the Country song that say you've got the looks but have you got the touch and turning it into you got the looks but do you have the crunch. Have a pretty Red Delicious all shined up dancing next to a Honeycrisp. Of course our Explosively Crisp Trademark would have to be in their someplace. I have also always like GOT CRUNCH? of course we would be sued by the GOT milk people but think of all the free advertising on CNN. I want to go on a national campaign just to get everyone to link to our web page or drop or web address in every time they fill out some silly form on the internet so we stay up in the top three of Google. Took 5-6 years of us yelling from the rooftops but the world is finally listening. Our new apple debuting at a local chain near you CandyCrisp will be our hit because we also own the marketing rights. I could or maybe I should, write a book on all the Honeycrisp stories I get told by people around the Country about old people and young people alike. Poor people, rich people all alike. Twas the night before Christmas...well it ends with Honeycrisp... I have a Doctor from WI who leaves me voicemails of her biting into Honeycrisp. I used to get Emails from another woman in the midwest calling me "her Honeycrisp guy" and how she couldn't live without me. I think what she really meant is she couldn't live without the apple. At times once the swelling goes down in my brain I often say to myself "its just an apple". I wish you were an exec with a small firm as we don't know how to deal with the big ones yet. We love people to work for apples. Are you the same Lori Brooks that just ordered from Cabot (cheese?) AR? If so why to do sign something somewhere in Texas? Hopefully not on the lam after knocking over a Sams for a six pack of Honeycrisp (they come from our competition). So as darkness has come upon the Hills of New York but the sunset must just be setting in Texas or AR may you have a Honeycrisp of an evening and a Crunch of a life.

Paul Woolley
Chief Honeycrisp Cruncher
Office: 518-695-3220
Cell: 518-369-8733
Fax: 518-695-5718
IM: Fruittree1
"Save A Farm...Eat an Apple"