Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Sweet Apples From Our Sweet Babe

If you check out our Facebook page you will see that sweet Lily May is giving away an 18 count box of Candycrisp apples!  Make sure to first like our page, then share Lily's post with friends to be entered into the drawing! (Drawing Friday 3/7)  

Sweet Lily May Tasting a Sweet CandyCrisp for Quality Control
CandyCrisp apples were first discovered on our orchard here in New York.  It is the sweetest, most crisp Golden you will ever taste!  All sugar, and no tart makes this apple a sweet favorite.  Great for eating fresh and for baking.  I like to dip slices in our 100% honey from our orchard with almond butter.

To find out more about CandyCrisp and treat yourself to a tasting of this new apple visit our website!


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