Friday, November 25, 2005

Thankful at Thanksgiving - Just Say Thank You

Its all about apples unless I want to talk about something else. I should have posted this yesterday. I was reminded while watching Fox News when a commentator said "no matter how you feel about the war in Iraq you should thank our service people, see one of our men or woman maybe in a store and just walk up and say "thank you for your service"". What a good idea this really is, and it is just so easy. My wife said she had done this just the other day while in a local store. I know about a year ago when traveling I did it in the airport. Myself being former AirForce I know how proud you are when you wear the uniform that protects our country and its people every day. For some it started as a job or a opportunity to receive some college assistance. But when its time to walk the walk in that uniform its only honor for ones Country that they awake to each and every day. So while I sit in my nice warm office not far from my family, safe, and comfortable I would like to take a moment to pause and say thank you to that man or woman who is wearing that uniform today keeping my family and myself safe. So again it only takes a second, just a few words and a smile when you see one of our great service people in uniform to say "thank you for your service".

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Honeycrisp For The Holidays

Santa has told us that Honeycrisp Apples from make a great Holiday Gift. Not only is it a great gift that you can send now or have arrive just days before the Holiday but you also don't have to fight all that traffic the day after Thanksgiving. A special treat for anyone is the all new Gourmet Chocolate cover Honeycrisp apple.

Honeycrisp Apple - Katie Couric NBC

Katie did a segment on "What Foods Can Help You Loose Weight?" if you click the link it will take you to the NBC site and play the video. During this segment Katie say's she loves this new apple Honeycrisp. The best part here is that about four years ago we sent her and Matt a box of Honeycrisp apples and told her why they were so special. I did get a call from Katie's secretary who thanked me for the apples but that was it. See Katie could have got you started on Honeycrisp apples four years ago.

Honeycrisp Apples
on Turkey Day

Good morning from the Honeycrisp blog. Thanksgiving is a time for food and celebration and Honeycrisp is a perfect fit. My wife Jane in fact uses some Honeycrisp apples in our stuffing and my mom, Grama Woolley to my kids, will be making her famous apple pie with some Honeycrisp apples. Honeycrisp apples make a great apple pie if you like a pie that is a little crunchy. If you want that apple pie that the only crunch is the crust then use McIntosh apples or Cortland apples.
Back to the Turkey. Turkey really do love Honeycrisp apples, as our growers have a hard time keeping them out of their Honeycrisp orchards. As with most things Turkey love to just peck an apple, then another, then another. If you love Honeycrisp don't hate the Turkey they are one of the dummest birds on earth and really don't know any better.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Honeycrisp Apple Happy Customer Letter Of Husband, Dogs, and Squirrels

Attention: Paul, the Chief Honeycrisp Cruncher. Dear Paul, My Honeycrisp apples arrived today, all 98 of them in their tightly shipped box, lovingly carried by my UPS delivery guy. (Thank you again for the two Macoun apples you substituted.) I haven't dove headfirst into a box since I was about 7 years old and my cousin put me into a refrigerator box upside down. But today, I did it voluntarily. The aroma wafted from the box as I carefully lifted my fruit to the sink. Husband came running, dogs gave up the squirrel chase when they heard my gleeful cries. We had just finished lunch, but what the heck, this is THE apple I had been waiting for. I carefully rinse my beauties, set them on the good china with a fruit knife and a cloth napkin and set them on the table. How we enjoyed the slicing and peeling and eating. We had one of the Honeycrisp and one of the Macoun. The Macoun started those salivary glands-a-squirting. It was a beautiful experience. So here we are at the end of the night. The apples have been set in the coolness of the garage for the evening. Tonight, no formalities. Just we two, four apples, watching TV and typing on the 'puter. No frills, paper napkins and juice running down our chins. Two different events, two similar outcomes, two satisfied customers. The empty box will be wrapped and set under the tree and if the family is good, really, really good, they may get an apple in their stocking instead of an orange. No we don't have anything against oranges, but figured Florida needed all they could salvage. This is the year of the APPLE! Anyway, thank you for your website, your prompt delivery and your preparation and packaging of your fine fruits. We shall enjoy them with gusto, or cheese, or even squirrel if the dogs can catch one. (Only joking...they're lazy dogs and we have fast, skinny squirrels). Thank you again and have a happy holiday season. Fruitfully Yours, Lisa and Jim Swarthout P.S. Please keep us in mind for any fruit or product testing you may need. We come with our own peelers, jar openers and melon ballers (Martha Stewart says for the pear cores...FREE MARTHA...Hahaha).