Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Operation Apple"
Undisclosed Location In Iraq

"Operation Apple"

has been taking place over the last few months in an undisclosed location in Iraq. It has been rumored that this Crunching of "Explosively Crisp®" Honeycrisp has been taking place at a Medical Unit, but this has not been confirmed yet by any reputable sources like the "AP". It has been said by Senior Officials within the Military that possibly these Honeycrisp apples have lifted the spirit and provided higher levels of energy among the troops.

While we did not check with "JK" it does appear that troops that eat Honeycrisp are highly educated. This was further confirmed by the fact that in caption of this picture that they spelled everything correctly to include the word Honeycrisp which many times by people in the press and Washington DC is misspelled "Honey Crisp". Just google news the word Honeycrisp.

These troops also are of higher intelligence by the mere fact that they choose a nutritional snack, an apple, Honeycrisp and that they are indeed smiling while consuming them. Some in Washington might be eating Red Delicious.

We would like to thank people like Dan, Greta, Emily Anne and some other participants who at this time we can not either confirm or deny their participation in "Operation Apple".

It should be noted that any remarks that might be considered sarcastic were only the opinion of the author and not any Military person who is proudly serving their Country.
All kidding aside it is our honor to participate in "Operation Apple" by paying the shipping of the apples to our brave, proud men and women serving their Country. It is by their service that once again tonight my family and yours can sleep knowing that we are safe. May we never forget. Remember to thank a soldier and take a minute to say a prayer for their continued safety.

Paul Woolley
Just a Guy Happy to be an American!

Honeycrisp.Com & The Proud Men and Woman serving our Country.
Once confirming you have sent apples to our troops we will might give you permission to use such photos.


Anonymous said...

I can neither confirm or deny that I am one of the soliders in the photo, but I can confirm that HoneyCrisp Apples are boosting moral and nutrition in one unit in Iraq. I really enjoy them and want to thank Dan, Greta and EmilyAnne for sharing!! Also, I would like to thank those of you who chip in to help pay for the shipping cost overseas, it may not seem like it is a lot, but it is greatly appreciated by all of us here.


MollyNanny said...

Paul, what a wonderful gift to our brave service men and women. Is there anything better than a fresh crisp apple? I can imagine that far from home and in weather conditions that are stressful, this taste of home must be mean a lot.

PS Macouns are my faves.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that I am one of the people in this picture. But then again, I'm a tall minority so people tend to be scared of me. Especially in uniform(Yeah right, I'm the least intimidating person currently serving in Iraq!).

But seriously, I love to share and spread some joy around whenever I can. As Mark learned, it's not who you know, it's who you're nice to. So thank you to all who have helped pay for these wonderful apples to be sent to us on the other side of the planet. It means a lot to all of us.

God bless!