Monday, December 18, 2006

All I Want For Christmas From Florida!

I have hesitated posting as I want our Military "Operation Apple" people "The Troops" to be at the top where they belong. But then I realized yesterday after a phone call that I need to make a new post for our Troops. The reason they are 1/2 way around the World standing in harms way.

A year ago I got a call on a Sunday from a Dad in Florida and he asked if I could get a case of Honeycrisp apples sent to Florida by Christmas. Then yesterday I got the same call from that same Dad basically asking the same question again. Most likely I will tell the story for another year just like I have for the last. So like Jack and so many of you I am a Dad too. Three wonderful children Aarika 26, Paul II 24 and Brittany is 19. If they wanted apples for Christmas I would probably buy them for them too. But Lindsey from Florida, Jacks daughter, is twelve (12), so yes last year she was 11 and all she wanted for Christmas was a 40lb case of Honeycrisp apples! My kids are all practically grown and I could only wish for the Christmas that they asked for apples for Christmas. Tonight I say hi to Lindsey, my favorite 12 year old in Florida, who I have never even met. Also, hi to her great dad Jack who like many of us only want to make sure their kids are happy on a special day.

So while Lindsey doesn't even know it, the next package of apples we send to a Military person in Iraq is going to be from Lindsey. Lindsey while not even knowing it represents every 12 year old in America who like my Children are protected by wonderful hero's around the World. Our Service people. So while I didn't want to do a new post because I wanted our service people on top with "Operation Apple", our Service people are always on top protecting our freedom around the World.

Merry Christmas Lindsey, your Mom and Dad Love You!

Paul Woolley
Honeycrisp Cruncher and just a guy Proud to Live in the Land of the Free