Sunday, May 06, 2007

Honeycrisp Apples In May

Just a little info for all you Honeycrisp apple crunchers. Like most apples Honeycrisp do not eat the same in May as they do in September or October. As apples stay in storage you will find them turning more starch to sugar thus making them sweeter or not as tart. Thus when you don't realize the tartness you might find them to have less flavor when in fact they are just sweeter. Also, while Honeycrisp will be probably one of the most crunchiest apples you will eat in may they aren't going to be as crisp as they were in October. Most apples on the East Coast are picked by November 1st each year (or else they would be frozen) and then get tucked away in the cooler until they are needed. Some apples are stored in controlled atmosphere storage until they are needed. Basically CA storage is accomplished by removing the oxygen from the room thus slowing the ripening process. Harder apples such as Mutsu and crispier apples like Honeycrisp will give you the most crispness for your bite. Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there and we hope your enjoying your apples!