Monday, October 08, 2007

Apple Quality and Worker Safety

In this photo Carter is demonstrating after telling me;
"Pepe it is very important to taste test both sides of the apple".

He also explained to me all about safety in the work place and that it is very 
important when at 14 months that you try to avoid things like coffee tables.

Carter approves of his sample.
Now is on to the next apple.
McIntosh is his favorite


Carter Paul with his sister Sophie Grace, sampling

Apple Quality Control

Quality control is very important at and believe me when I tell you that we have only our top people supervising this. In this photo Reaghan is calling me on my cell saying "Uncle Paul these apples are really pretty but they are just too big!". Then before hanging up she also asked me "have you seen my Binky?".


Raeghan now 9 with her little brother Parker


The Honeycrisp apple season is well underway. We have a very nice crop of Honeycrisp apples. The New England favorite Macoun are just starting to be picked in Northern New York. The Cortland apple which many people love for salads and pies are also ready. Another great New York Apple we are picking is the Empire apple.

Many people are already utilizing our fruit for months program and others enjoy our Honeycrisp sample pack that gives you the option of 1/2 Honeycrisp apples and picking another variety.

As you can see in the picture our Grandson Carter has taken over quality control and has officially approved this years SnappyMacs. Carter has decided that the McIntosh apples are a big hit.

CA and AZ customers will be getting their shipments starting approximately October 15th. CA and AZ Departments or Agriculture require that apples be in cold storage for 45 days before the apples can be shipped into their States. The great State of New York even prints a nice sticker that we have to buy and put on each box to certify that we participate in this program.

Honeycrisp and our other apples are the staple of our business but soon you will see us offering some Wine products from the lovely Napa Valley of California. More information to come but this is one of our Honeycrisp customers who owns a fabulous Winery in Napa. Over the last year we and our friends and family have been sampling this wine and have determined it is some of the best Wine we have ever had. Honeycrisp and Wine what a great combination.
As always dont forget our troops! Remember with "Operation Apple" our company, friends and customers pick up the tab for the shipping to "any" apo or FPO address.