Sunday, December 09, 2007

Honeycrisp Apples For The Holidays

The Holiday season is here and another
year of being protected by our wonderful troops has passed.

"Operational Apple" is in full swing, sending Honeycrisp and other great apples to our troops around the world. All you have to do when ordering apples for our troops is pick "Military APO Shipping" during check out and we pay all shipping costs.

Well as I thought about this more I started to think that all troops to include those who aren't presently serving oversees protect us. They could get asked to leave tomorrow or maybe they just got back. Then I thought of the Military spouse and kids waiting at home. So with that said to THANK our Military families we have decided to extend "Operation Apple" to include all Military addresses. ANY military address and all you have to do is pick free shipping.

Let us never forget. Each and every Military person and their families have chosen to make the sacrifice. The sacrifice to keep us and our children safe and free every day.

Send some apples, make a donation to a charity in their name, or just say thank you to any person in Uniform.

Take the time to have a great and safe Holiday. Remember our children are our greatest asset.

Paul Woolley & Family
Honeycrisp Crunchers
"Its A Great Thing To Be An American"