Sunday, December 13, 2009

Honeycrisp Apples for The Holidays

Wow hard to believe only a maximum of 10 shipping days left before Christmas. It has been another great fall and now winter. You still have plenty of time to order that gift box for a neighbor or treat yourself. Many people have taken advantage of our great supply of Northern Spy apples, to have the pie just like Grandma used to make. Honeycrisp still is the leader of the "new" apple generation!

Has been a long day preparing for the week. Tis the season I reflect much on just how lucky we are and how much we appreciate those around us.

"Operation Apple", Let us not forget our Troops serving around the World. Each week we send out free apples to surprise Troops in theatre at no charge. If you have a loved one, friend, serving oversees or even stateside take advantage of sending them apples and selecting free shipping at checkout. It is our and our friends who contribute to "Operation Apple" very small way of saying thank you to those who offer to sacrifice the most.

Ok its off for a little Santa sleep to get ready for a big sleigh day tomorrow.

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