Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Operation Facebook

Very simple for every 250 fans we get on the Honeycrisp.com Facebook page we will send a case of apples to a Soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. As always Operation Apple pays for any/all shipping to any Military address, anywhere in the World.

I go back to my posts from Christmas time a couple of years ago. If you participate you will find that at first you think you make Soldiers feel better. Proud to be serving, proud that those at home recognize their service. Then you feel the results, you read some emails, get some calls and suddenly your overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the feeling of goodness within you. You realize that who you actually made feel better was you. You feel taller you feel better, all because a Soldier serving gave you the ability to step up just a little.

As always I want to say just very simply "Thank you" , thank you for keeping my country safe. Thank you for keeping my kids and Grandchildren safe. Your not just the best fighting force in the the World your our best fighting force in the World for all of what is good.

So now its so easy, just get your friends to fan us on Facebook and we will send free apples to our Troops.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who serve and their families.